Air Pollution

This project is based on the travel section from the Newspaper’s article. The article called “Going green: 10 ways to green your holiday without compromising on fun or quality” and is a point number ten “10. The Big Question: Should we fly less?” 

The sentences from the articles which inspired the graphic work are “Air travel is responsible for 2% of global CO2 emissions, according to the Irish Aviation Authority”, and “A flight from Dublin to Málaga generates about 0.4 tonnes of CO2 per passenger.

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Air pollution

To create the design for my posters, GIFS and the animated video, I have used the laws of Gestalt theory combined with the information learnt from this article.

It was interesting to calculate the amount of pollution produced daily. To do this, I had to find out an average daily flight number – it came to 93,000! Plus, according to this statement – “At any given time, there are between 8,000 and 13,000 planes in the air around the globe.” it is difficult to do accurate calculations of CO2 because the factors such as the flights’ duration, the passenger’s number, and the plane model itself are all variables and are unknown. 

Also, according to this article, the average passenger plane can carry around 100 passengers, and if the plane goes to Malaga from Dublin – it will produce about 40 tons of CO2. There are 365 days a year (once in four years 366 days). If it is 93,000 flights per day, then it is 33,945,000 flights per year! Even more surprising is that CO2 produced by planes is only responsible for 2% of Global Emissions!



I followed some of the primary key points while designing my work; the Law of Balance plays an important role. If the balance is present, it creates a sense of completion. The Law of a focal point is the centre of the attention for the design and draws viewers’ attention to the screen. Law of simplicity may help communicate the message better by providing an uncluttered design work that is easy to understand. (Gestalt Theory in Visual Screen Design -A New Look at an old subject Book Section b)

Final output

What I have learned

I have learned main aspects of Gestalt theory, also the importance of breaking the rules and grids, this can lead to creating interesting results. I have learnt image manipulation, using story telling. Photoshop, Illustrator were used for this project.