Paige Lauren shares the mindset it takes to create and run a clothing business . And we are on a mission to educate and empower mompreneurs from all around the world to live their lives with harmony and balance.


It also gives you the desire to provide your kids with a great life and do whatever you can to make the world a better place for them. To accomplish this, you have to reframe how you look at the job description. Wouldn’t you rather be the best mom you can be for six hours each day than a stressed out, stretched out mom for twelve hours a day?

‘Mompreneurs’ Bring A Lot To The Business World — But They Need More Support

As someone in the finance industry, I have a front-row seat to incredible mom-owned startups. In my experience, moms have a great formula for entrepreneurial success. They are used to juggling roles, possess grit and perseverance, and excel at developing solutions to fit other moms’ needs. One unique advantage moms have is their experience managing a team. Early on, moms learn to juggle a household full of people who all have very different needs.

  • Take on the serious problems first – Moms don’t ignore the most important problems facing their family but this urgency doesn’t carry over to business for everyone.
  • Stay healthy – Many entrepreneurs prioritize their business over their health.
  • Precise figures are difficult to find regarding exactly how many mompreneurs make up the current business world, but there are some statistics regarding the growth of home-based businesses.
  • Today, more and more moms are starting their own businesses.
  • In fact, more and more women every day define themselves as mompreneurs.

The first step to getting over it is knowing that it’s perfectly normal — in fact, it’s a part of the job description. This hard-working mom started her successful venture from scratch, and her brand Paigelauren is available in all baby product shops across the globe. Paige’s idea to build this brand erupted when she first went to buy clothes for a friend’s newborn. “When you’re a mom and an entrepreneur, there are just some things you have to deal with that the traditional entrepreneur doesn’t,” she explains. Tori Gerbig had a full-time insurance job and a small side hustle selling products on eBay. With her due date approaching fast, she wanted to increase sales on her small eBay store since her job didn’t provide paid maternity leave. Thanks to the Internet, women no longer have to choose between family and career.

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But beyond perception, current circumstances also play a prominent role in women’s interest in entrepreneurship. Employed moms in the highest income bracket—earning $85K or more—were significantly more likely to cite having “no interest” in starting their own business. 40% of women with children are “not interested” in starting a business. 44% of women with children are “slightly/moderately interested” in starting a business. We bring you here 30 simple tips to achieve your goal of being a great mompreneur. All of them are within your reach and designed to increase your productivity, better manage your time, and achieve a better work-life balance. I’m Mona Tavassoli, and I created Mompreneurs Tribe to support women like me and you.

If you manage your business from home, a clean and neat environment will help you be more productive. Make a list containing the birthdays of your relatives, clients, and those with whom you feel the obligation to give a present, like your kids’ friends at school. That way you can buy all the gifts at once and take advantage of sales. Meetup is another platform where you can join existing groups of in your area, or even create a new group yourself and propose events. S a safe place where we can all come together and be collectively stronger than any one of us could be on our own. If you’re a mompreneur looking for her tribe, you’ve found it.

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A content writer professionally, Shaurya is someone who loves cooking exotic meals in her free time and poetically romanticizing the world with a camera in one hand and a pen in another. So here’s a big round of applause for all mompreneurs as we wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day this 8th May 2022. Having a business and being a mother are strongly intertwined. A mother goes through childbirth, achieves milestones, faces new challenges, and grows. A mother of three kids, Welch, with her husband Bob, founded SafetyTat, an excellent tool to help parents with adolescents keep their little ones secure in crowded places. To prevent a child from getting lost, it is a temporary tattoo that can be pre-printed or written on with all the essential information, including your phone number and health information.


Leaving something for them was my greatest inspiration,” she says. Could it be that the pandemic has laid bare how broken the system was? Are we witnessing the beginning of a shift in the way working moms participate in the labor force—away from rigid work arrangements and towards a more flexible model? Through research and interviews with women founders, we explore the current attitudes moms hold about entrepreneurship and the future of work. Camino Financial has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you by financing their businesses and grow their companies. Our loan process is easy, convenient, and takes place online from beginning to end so that you can explore your financing options from the comfort of your home.

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